Iran the most consuming market of Middle East has one of the most expensive property markets in the world, from residential to offices and commercial spaces. Tehran the capital city of Iran with more than 12 million people, is currently standing in the top 5 most expensive property markets of the world, with residential areas up to  15,000 USD per SQM and commercial spaces of up to 55,000 USD per SQM.

With all the potential that this market has, the market is still very much unknown for international brands and investments companies. It is our goal to introduce this market to the world and assist brands and different businesses to grow in this unique market.

From investment in all sorts of properties in Iran, to property development and project sales, POV international dedicated team and international partners will deliver result in the most professional and outstanding methods. Our services will help local property owners and investment firms to find the right international brand or business to enter into their project.


We understand that a building’s reputation has a significant impact on the brand of each tenant’s business, so we strive to enhance that brand in the marketplace. We do so through intimate knowledge of other competing properties, exceptional care for common areas and “first impression” points, and a drive to distinguish the property’s unique features and services.

After thoroughly reviewing each project and according to the requests of the client, our team will provide you with the best possible business plan and strategy to meet the needs of your project.

We’ll deliver you differentiated assets with improved occupancy, net operating income and valuation for maximized real estate performance. Our access to unsurpassed platform expertise and ability to partner within help us deliver integrated, custom-fit real estate solutions that improve occupancy, NOI and valuation and—most importantly—achieve your overarching investment goals.

POV International is currently providing the below services to the properties under its control:

  • Strategy and partnership proposal
  • Brand placement
  • Premium leasing program for international brands
  • Acquiring international brands to design or to build a project
  • Ability to create unique brand value in partnership with well-known brands
  • Overseas sales office
  • Local and international advertising campaigns for a property project
  • Investment through partnerships
  • Sales strategy proposal